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GALA EVENT PLANNING: 6 Ideas to Get Started the Right Way


GALA EVENT PLANNING: 6 Ideas to Get Started the Right Way

When we all think of a gala event, we think fine dining, gowns and luxury ambiance. But a gala is simply a formal event where aspects such as enforced dress code, a dinner and traditional entertainment are present. However what people don’t know is that galas can also  be casual outing or even festivals.

Many companies use gala events to boost their brand reputation especially if the main target is high end clients and investors.

For those of you who believe that planning gala events can be quite tricky, here at Ticketpass, we have six stepping stones that will help you get started on your gala event planning process:


You need to determine the purpose of your event. Are you trying to recruit new clients? Do you intend of showcasing a new product? Are you trying to raise funds for a cause or a charity? So determine your goal, make it clear and set out objectives to achieve that goal. Your goals should always be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-phased).


Your venue speaks for your event. You definitely cannot hold a formal event in a school gymnasium.  Factors like location of venue, ambiance of venue, ability to decorate (if need be) and size should be taken into consideration when picking your desired choice of venue. For those galas that are adopt a festival-like structure, the consideration of a suitable exterior space is important.


You can’t host a gala without any form of entertainment. Entertainment could be in the lines of a band, orchestra, DJ, performances, traditional dances and showcases. The theme of the event should work in hand with the entertainment chosen. For example, if your theme is luxury and high class, using an orchestra or playing soft jazz would be a good idea.

There is one misconception that people believe DJs are only used for ratchet or loud events, this isn’t true. DJs work in any type of event. Its just the music that they play that matters.


The ideal consideration is to source out for catering companies that provide food for formal events such as corporate functions or weddings. This is the type of food that you want at your gala event. Not the choice of bitings like burgers and hotdogs. Another consideration is providing light snacks and refreshments at the beginning of your gale event. This is best done by formally dressing your snacks and serving them on presentable platters.

When it comes to drinks, having a small mini bar would look good or having waiters walking around with trays of cocktail and champagnes. However you could also have a mixologist prepare customized drinks for guests.


A gala is just like any other event when it comes to marketing. Even gala events need to be advertised. Utilizing both online and offline marketing methods will push your event. Showcase the event on social media platforms; you can even create hashtags for your event.

Although, sending out emails and physical invites is still effective for personalized marketing. The invite could incorporate all the details of the event; even directions. Just like a wedding event.


Create a theme around your event. Don’t just leave it bare or boring. This then helps create a vision for your event and helps make it more interesting. Your theme can even be cultural depending on the location of the event or the location of the business, or even the people you are trying to attract.


Always remember a gala is there to uplift your brand image so put in the necessary work when planning to ensure efficiency and effectiveness; especially for future purposes.

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