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5 Sweet Event Motivation Tips


5 Sweet Event Motivation Tips

Exhibiting can be an exciting opportunity for your business because it means two things: marketing and/or sales. But it can also be physically and mentally tiring because you have to maintain a certain image throughout as if your every move is being watched. Which it is indirectly by potential or existing customers. This is why it is so important that you remain motivation to ensure your exhibition process is smooth and effective.

Ticketpass has provided a list of five tips that can be used to create event motivation for you and your staff.

TIP 1: Make it Competitive

One way to encourage your team to maintain high levels of productivity but still ensuring they are motivated is to create a healthy competitive space based on sales. Inform them of rewards for the best performers and acknowledge those who have beat their targets or produced the highest level of sales.

TIP 2: Don’t offer coffee or sweets as booster

Most of us take coffee throughout the day but it doesn’t mean that its necessarily the ideal thing to do if you are at an exhibiting event. The same with sweets. It is so easy to keep indulging on junk as you man your stall. However, if you are hungry, look for ideal food or drink. Try slow releasing energy foods and of course ensure you drink lots of water.

TIPS 3: Take regular breaks

It is unfair to work at an event a  whole day and not have an breaks. Encourage your team to go on breaks and make sure you provide them with breaks too. Of course don’t have everyone going at the same time; split them up into different teams depending on how many they are. Peak performance can only be possible with regular breaks.

TIP 4: Remember theres  no I in team

Remember no-one is in this alone. “Team work makes the dream work”, as the famous saying goes.

Here are a few tips to ensure there is cohesion in your team:

TIP 5: Choose the right team

The right team will ensure event success. The right team could be with regard to factors such as right attitude, right expertise, right skills and right preparation. Selecting the right team requires time and effort; therefore don’t leave this to the last minute.

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