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10 Tips for Musical Event Planning


10 Tips for Musical Event Planning

Who doesn’t love music?

Music events attract the largest number of people, but who said the planning was easy. It seems like the only tricky bit is getting the musicians to commit (due to their crazy schedules) and to actually show up on the day. However, there a lot more considerations that if overlooked could affect the success of your music event.

Ticketpass provide the 10 tips that will make your music event planning a breeze.

10 Extend Your Lead Time

You can’t just plan a music event in a few days and expect it to be a success. Giving yourself enough lead time is paramount so that just in case things don’t go as planned, you have enough time to cover your tracks. For smaller events, a few weeks is ample time, however for larger events, you would need months.

9 To Save Money, Think Local

Who doesn’t want to bring in international artists like Beyonce or Madonna? If you have such financial means to cater for such artists, well and good. However, keeping it local keeps you from biting off more than you can chew and of course saving more money. Besides its always good to promote your local artists. Although the biggest thing is no matter who you are booking and who you can afford, telling them in advance is important as you ain’t the only event organizer that will be looking to book them for a gig.

8 Know Your Audience

People aren’t always intrigued by the art you are brining or even care if you are selling tickets, if they see no benefit in attending or have no motivation to attend then they won’t. The best thing to do is increase on numbers and ticket sales is to learn your audience. What are their likes, dislikes, needs and wants. Once those are satisfied you won’t be struggling to get people to attend your event.

7 Choose An Appropriate Venue

Don’t start off too big. The key to making your event look good, is making it look sold out or packed. Start off by booking a 200-person venue for music acts that you know don’t have a necessarily big following. Once you have grasped the events music market, you can then more to bigger venues especially once you know the numbers will be high. Remember its such a bummer to book a big venue and have it less than half empty.

6 Rent The Right Stage

At most times, venues don’t provide all the equipment you require for your event. This is particularly the case for the logistics (stage, lighting and sound) aspect of an event especially if it is outdoor. When deciding on matters of the stage, consider it is is a band or Dj etc as equipment like backline (guitars, drums etc) and DJ deck are needed.

Secondly ensure you get a stage that can support all your music activities. The worst thing would be to have a stage that collapses because just too much is on it.

5 Get Insurance

This is something we bypass all the time however its one of the most important. Protection against any possible damage or injury is a must as you can never know what might happen. Fortunately, event insurance is easy to get and very worth getting. Also ensure any contracted workers and service providers have insurance too.

4 Check for Scheduling Conflicts 

Always survey the events industry and market to determine what other events (particular similar events) are happening around your event or on the same day as your event. If a more appealing event is happening especially on the same day then you are very likely to not sell tickets. So do your research before finalizing on a date.

3 Research Permits

If you have chosen an outdoor location for your event like a park then you will definitely need a permit which includes filling out some paperwork and paying a certain fee. So remember to include this in your budget and determine what exact permits you need for your event lest you forget and risk being shut down.

2 Promote

The only way for people to know about your event is to promote. Create social media pages and start sponsoring your event. If you can use rather afford traditional advertising like radio, TV, billboards etc then take the opportunity. Marketing is the biggest part of your event, if it is done right, people shall flock to your event. If it is done wrong, then you shall have no one so focus your efforts, time and creativity on this.

1 Have a Weather Plan 

The one thing you have no control over whatsoever is weather. We all love and want a sunny beautiful day for our outdoor music events but create a contingency plan incase things don’t go as planned. Have tentative dates until you are somewhat sure of the weather.




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