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10 Great Event Concepts That You Will Want to Duplicate


10 Great Event Concepts That You Will Want to Duplicate

The best events are those that sweep you off your feet; in fact these are the types of experiences that event attendees crave for. The demand for live experiences has meant that event planners need to create more innovative and unique events in order to impress event attendees.

Ticketpass has provided a list of inspiration for you to provide a unique and memorable experience for your attendees:

1 Secret Events

Secrets always intrigue people. Restricted information about events always keep people wanting to know more. Telling people the location of an event before it starts is one of the captivating the audience and intensifying their curiosity.

2 The Lost Lectures

This entails organizers re-imagining the concept of lecture and push its boundaries to create immersive worlds and unforgettable moments with world-class speakers.

The point of these events is to bring together attendees from ordinary corporate and academic environments and thus take them to secret hideouts to begin an inspiring experience.

3 Secret Cinema

This refers to secret film screenings where individuals who sign up only have vague information about the venue, dress code and the film itself. The concept has grown to consist of participants interacting with on-screen characters. At most times, the venue matches the setting of the film, giving the participants a real on screen experience.

4 Silent Conferences

Just the same concept as silent discos,, some organizers have incorporated this idea into conferences where participants use wireless technology headphones to communicate.

The reason for this was to achieve the following:

5 Lunch Clubbing 

Looking for something different to do during your lunch break? Then this is the thing for you, during your lunch break people gather for a dance rave from different locations in the world. This is a great bonding experience for attendees as we all know that dancing brings people together.

6 Dedicated Q&A Tracks at Start up Grind

Imagine an established CEO or influencer answering your desired questions? Well Start Up Grind started a concept where people could submit their questions after a conference through Slido to which the speakers answered the questions during a 30min “Ask Me Anything” segment.

7 Participant-Driven Open Space 

What better way to make your event memorable for attendees by giving them a platform to co-create the agenda at the beginning?

People love to feel involved and also love to feel a sense of power and control and this is one great way to achieve this.

8 Open 2017 

This concept involved allowing attendees to propose sessions they wanted for the Q&A section through which they then selected the sessions they loved the most. The purpose of this is to help each session having attendees who genuinely wanted to take part or be a part of it. Thus the sessions are to be led by knowledgeable and passionate people.

9 World Cafe

This concept divides people into teams of certain numbers depending on how many they are. Within 6 minute rounds, each member states an issue that they struggle with and thus each person provides tips and advice. One of the team members takes notes which he shares with everyone after the meeting. The purpose of the notes is so that everyone can lead with actionable steps.

Another way is to obtain ideas of discussion topics from Slido and thus let the audience put a vote on the best ones. Topics are thus given out as per table and people decide on their favorite one to discuss.

10 Hackathons/Thinkathon/Editathon

These are coding, brainstorming and editing marathons in which techies come together to compete or collaborate on a project. They usually last between one day and a week.

The purpose of such events is to achieve a tangible goal for example creation of a new software to coming up with new technology ideas.







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